Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Welcome to immigrants

Count me among those who welcome you to our wonderful country. All I ask is that you go through all the legalities that are required of immigrants by this country. This is a land of immigrants. This land was built by immigrants. But the vast majority of those immigrants were legal, and they applied for their citizenship and proudly accepted it when it was granted.

I will admit that the first Europeans to arrive here did not go through any sort of immigration procedures to come here, but then, there were no requirements here at that time. If the Native Americans had organized governments as did Europeans of the same era, I'm sure it would have been a different story.

My wife had to wade through all sorts of red tape when she came to the U.S., including exams to show that she was healthy and carrying no diseases, police checks to show that she had no criminal record, proof that she would not be a ward of the state (depend on welfare) and much more. She studied for years to take and pass the citizenship exam, which most American citizens couldn't pass.

I don't mind if you bring your customs and traditions with you. All previous immigrants did that, and though they kept their traditions, they adapted to American traditions and blended in with immigrants from other countries. Today we have St. Patrick's Day, Oktoberfest, Polish weddings, Chinese New Year, etc, etc.

If our laws conflict with your traditions, religion, customs, etc, then please don't ask that we change our laws to fit your needs. Please adapt to our traditions and observe our laws, or go back to where the laws and traditions are to your liking.

So I welcome you as my country has welcomed all the immigrants before you. All I ask is that you emulate all immigrants who came before you. Is that asking too much?

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