Thursday, October 20, 2011

Let's hear it for Hank

For those who haven't heard, Hank Williams Jr was fired from Monday Night Football. His song, "Are ya ready for some football" was the theme for MNF for some twenty years. The reason he was fired? On an interview with "Fox and Friends" he responded to a question saying that the golf game between Boener and Obama was silly; it was like a game between Hitler and Netanyahu.
Well, to make a long story short, the interviewer took that to mean that Hank was comparing Obama to Hitler. (He wasn't, he was just making an analogy. He might have said it was like a game between a cobra and a mongoose, or Atilla the Hun and the Pope--he was just making a comparison.) But because the interviewer on Fox and Friends made a big deal out of it, ESPN fired him from MNF.
What I like about him is that he didn't apologize for being politically incorrect as so many wimps do when they utter something that doesn't sit well with the politically correct crowd. Furthermore, he composed and recorded a song about the stupidity of the incident. The song is titled, "You can keep the change," and I understand it is fast becoming a hit.

Hooray for Hank.

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