Monday, August 3, 2015

Two Books about the Taino people

History books give scant mention of the Taino people of the Caribbean, yet they played an extremely important part in Columbus's arrival in the Americas. When speaking of the indigenous peoples of The Americas, we usually think of the Aztecs, Incas, Cherokee, Apache, and other well known peoples, yet had it not been for the generous hospitality of the Tainos, Columbus and his crews may have perished.
Two novellas provide some insight into the roll the Taino played in helping Columbus. "Taino" and "Boriken" are not history books, but adventure fiction based on what is known of the Taino. "Taino" is about the people of Hispanola, and "Boriken is about the people of Puerto Rico. The stories are about the Taino people before, during, and after the arrival of Columbus.
Both books are available in paperback and ebook at Riverok Books:
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Friday, July 3, 2015

Table of Contents for "Our Canine Companions"

Here’s what you’ll find in “Our Canine Companions Featuring Whiskers.”
Table of Contents:
Title Page
Copyright Page
A K9 Valentine
Our Relationship With Dogs
Canine Intelligence
A Loyal and Useful Companion
Respect Your Friend
Do Dogs Have Souls?
Eulogy of the Dog
A Few Interesting Facts
Do Dogs Have a Sixth Sense?
Rainbow Bridge
About the Author
The main story, “ Whiskers,”unlike the usual dog story, is mainly told through the dog’s point of view; his thoughts, emotions, and sensations. “Whiskers” has received great reviews and reader feedback.
It’s available in paperback and ebook here:…/…/ref=sr_1_9…
Or here:
(ebook page 2...paperback page 3)

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Al Sharpton Not So Sharp

Al Sharpton wants the DOJ to take over all police departments in the U.S.  All would then be accountable to the DOJ.  Right now the DOJ favors Sharpton and his Liberal agenda.  But doesn't Sharpton realize this could change in the near future?  If he should get his way, it could blow up in his face.  He is being very short sighted.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

"Boriken" Now Published

"Boriken" is now published and is available on Amazon in ebook only.  Paperback is not yet available on Amazon but will be at a later date.

However "Boriken" is now available in both ebook and paperback at Riverok Books.

"Boriken" is a historical novella about the people of pre-Columbian Puerto Rico, and Boriken was the name given to the island by the Taino  before the arrival of Columbus.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Revision of "Werewolf of Misty Valley"

I've just revised one of my horror e books, "The Werewolf of Misty Valley." The revision made no changes to the original story, but added more scary scenes to the story, making it significantly longer (and scarier, I think.). The e book also contains a short story, "The Dweller in Big Misty."
As for the paperback version, I made the same changes, but added a second story making it a dual novella. The second story will be "Frankenstein and the Zombies." So the paperback version now contains two good horror novellas.