Monday, August 3, 2015

Two Books about the Taino people

History books give scant mention of the Taino people of the Caribbean, yet they played an extremely important part in Columbus's arrival in the Americas. When speaking of the indigenous peoples of The Americas, we usually think of the Aztecs, Incas, Cherokee, Apache, and other well known peoples, yet had it not been for the generous hospitality of the Tainos, Columbus and his crews may have perished.
Two novellas provide some insight into the roll the Taino played in helping Columbus. "Taino" and "Boriken" are not history books, but adventure fiction based on what is known of the Taino. "Taino" is about the people of Hispanola, and "Boriken is about the people of Puerto Rico. The stories are about the Taino people before, during, and after the arrival of Columbus.
Both books are available in paperback and ebook at Riverok Books:
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