Saturday, February 9, 2008

Book Release

I've been getting lots of questions about my new book (first book, actually). Well, I've finally finished it and it's published. (That's why I've been scarce lately.) It's a science fiction novella called THE PSIONIC MAN. Here's a very brief synopsis:

Al Rice, an HIV positive hemophiliac, awakens one morning completely healed of all afflictions--plus he has psychic powers. He later learns from a mysterious caller that all this was brought about by beings in a UFO. He also learns that he is in grave danger because of his encounter with the alien beings. This leads Al into an entanglement with several different groups of aliens. All the groups except one are hostile to Al, and the friendly group is prevented by their own nonintervention laws from helping the Earth man.

At present, the book is available to order online only, at Lulu Publishing.

Lulu gave me a "storefront" on their site, as it does all its authors. For all who are interested, THE PSIONIC MAN is $8.39 plus shipping (depending on the type of shipping you choose.)

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