Friday, January 18, 2008

Passing Thoughts.

Florida's swamps and waterways have become overpopulated with gators. Maybe we should move some of them to the Rio Grande. Betcha that would make the Mexicans think twice about swimming across…

Am I the only one who remembers that we invaded Iraq for only one reason? We were supposed to find and destroy Saddam's WMD. That was all. No other reason.

The asinine things that George W Bush says are comical (just Google "Bushisms.") You want to laugh, until you realize that this is the man running our country.

We need a strong man in Iraq who is capable of terrorizing the terrorists and neutralizing Iran. Unfortunately, we hung that man…

Of all the candidates running for president, republican and democrat, I think that all are better than the guy in the White House. However, Mickey Mouse is better than the lot of them.

How many remember that most of the people of Muslim countries rejoiced and danced in the streets after 911, including our so-called allies like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan?

And how many remember that we invaded Afghanistan to wipe out the Taliban and eliminate a safe haven for Bin Laden? We were making huge successes there until we lost focus and started concentrating on Iraq and Saddam--who, as it's been proven, had nothing to do with 911.

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